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Of all the health trends, it seems one of the most popular is the gluten-free diet.  Many restaurants and cafes are offering such options due to the growing demand.  However, before you pass it off as a popular fad, let’s take a look at the facts behind it.  Scientifically speaking, gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, etc.  This nutrient helps nourish the young plants and is also responsible for breads “doughy” texture.  For most people, consuming gluten has little effect.  Yet for some, even the smallest amount of gluten can be potentially life-threatening.  

Unfortunately, almost 18%  of America’s population (that’s a lot of people) is gluten sensitive, meaning their bodies automatically initiate an immune response to the digestion of gluten.  In extreme cases, a complete intolerance to gluten can be seen in those with Celiac disease, which means absolutely no wheat products.  For those who are not sensitive to gluten, you’d be surprised how many things contain it!  For many, finding a replacement can be both frustrating and

At Pandor Artisangluten free cranberry muffins Boulangerie and Cafe, we understand that different people have different health needs and we relish at the opportunity to cater to all! As a result, we proudly offer a myriad of gluten-free desserts such as our gluten-free lava cakes and chocolate mousse. In addition, gluten-free crepes can also be made to order by our very own French crepe master and come in both sweet and savory styles (try the Atlantique, served with a side of salad).  And if you are feeling something fresh, we’ve got a wide array of gourmet salads packed with fresh veggies and protein options.  It is of utmost importance to us that everyone walks out our doors with a smile on their face, whether or not they have specific dietary needs.  Bon appetit!





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