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Inspired by Pain D'Or…

Tiffany & Raffi Sepetjian are serious foodies who love to travel, particularly to France where they have family.Their true passion revolved around a dream to open an authentic French boulangerie, similar to the ones they had often enjoyed on the streets of Paris.That vision became a plan eight years ago. They named it Pandor, an abbreviation of the French words "pain d'or," meaning golden bread. With already two locations in Newport Beach and Belmont Shores, the Sepetjians are so excited about their third location just opened in August 2015 at the Anaheim Packing District.

About Pandor Bakery with Raffi and Tiffany Sepetjian

Baking is our Obsession: Taste our Passion

"We want our customers to experience the finest French boulangerie and enjoy authentic French breads and pastries that are not found anywhere else in Southern California. Come in and taste our labor of love with rich, buttery dough, and a wide assortment of artisan breads, pastries, tartlets, as well as breakfast fare, specialty salads and paninis.  With great passion and almost an obession for French boulangeries, Pandor's history began with master French bakers and skilled French pastry chefs to create the exciting menus and recipes of Pandor today. We are growing so quickly with the increased demand for even more quality pastries and new items, it's been a wonderful dream come true. We thank all our loyal patrons for spreading the word of Pandor's artisanal products and will continue to strive for excellence. If you have ever eaten a truly flaky croissant or a perfectly toasted baguette with just a drizzle of olive oil, you'll understand our passion. It is irresistibly, undeniably a slice of heaven.

The owners of Pandor Bakery - Best Bakery in Orange County

It really is a wonderous process that goes on every night at Pandor from 10 pm to 5 am in the morning. Our bakers are busy mixing the quality dough with our imported equipment from France and staying up all night to ensure that the quality is always there. Something magical happens every night  and gets delivered every morning to our bakeries. Seeing the regulars come in every morning for their daily baguettes and croissants makes it all worth it. Pandor Boulangerie & cafe is part of the community and we are so fortunate to be your local baker. Our consistency of quality and unique flavors is what makes Pandor so successful. We invite you to spend your morning, day, weekend or just stop by for a brief moment to enjoy our artisan made products. 

What sets Pandor apart from other bakeries, begins with four key foundations: our incredibly talented French chefs, specialty ingredients, superior equipment, and our classic, artisanal baking process.

Baking Process at Pandor Boulangerie

Baking Process...

At Pandor, we do not create our products quickly. Good food takes time, and we embrace France’s classic and traditional baking techniques. We have a 24-hour schedule that is solely focused on the production of small-batch artisan breads, beautiful pastries, and delicious savory fare. Dough needs to be mixed and kneaded, and yes, have time to rest. Our breads, for example, parade through 5 different steps over a 24-hour period, to create a superior and delicious product in the end. Everything is produced in-house, from scratch, each and every day. We are solely focused on the production of small batch artisan breads, beautiful pastries, croissants, and delicious savory items.

Master Chefs at Pandor Boulangerie prepares special dishes

Our Chefs...

Our chefs are personally sought out by us, and brought here from France. They are selected based upon their expertise, and their ability to bake in the style of “old world” boulangeries (bakeries) of France. They understand our vision at Pandor, and have a passion for delivering the best products possible each and every day. You might say that we are very picky about who makes our breads, viennoiseries, and pastries. Baking is not our hobby, it's our craft.

Fresh Ingrediants for Pandor Boulangerie & Bakery

Specialty Ingredients...

We use the finest quality of butter & cream, and a custom-blended refined artisan flours which has taken years to perfect. We imported our apricots, jams, chocolate, and the list goes on and on. With attention to detail, consistency and authenticity – only the finest ingredients are used in our recipes and creations. Pandor prides itself in the fact that there are absolutely no preservatives, imitation fillers or flavorings used in our baking. The limited shelf life is a customer’s first sign that a product is as fresh as it can possibly be. We know of no other bakery that can stake that same claim of freshness and authenticity in Southern California. 

Imported Equipment...

We are dedicated to authenticity, and therefore have imported state of the art French baking equipment and ovens for all of our baking. This is the same equipment that is found in top boulangeries (bakeries) in France. From our baking equipment to our forms, molds, and trays – we utilize superior imported tools in order to deliver the best tasting results in everything we bake here at Pandor.


We are living the American Dream and welcome each and every guest with open arms and a warm smile. We look forward to bringing you more and more delicious items and encourage your suggestions. We are passionate about what our family is doing, and enjoy watching our customers depart with an armful of scrumptious goodies to take home and share with their family. We look forward to serving you!

Mangez bien et profitez de la vie!