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Pandor Artisan Bakery, Cafe & Bistro specializes in all types of bread. With our master bakers from France, we understand how important it is to not only have the right ingredients but also the professional skill and passion for bread making to produce the finest results. Our own bakery department stays open 24 hours to ensure the freshness of the morning's breads delivery.


Pandor breads and baguettes are like no other. Our baguettes are made only by hand with a perfect balance between the crust and a soft interior, "la mie (the crumb). Each type of bread has its unique characteristic because our bakers are masters of creating the unique shapes, and understand the slight differences in the consistency and ingredients.

Croissants & Brioches

The perfectly buttery and flaky croissant is hard to find, unless you happen to be at Pandor , of course.  From our plain, pain au chocolat, and popular almond croissants, Pandor brings you right inside a little Parisian cafe. Our brioches represent the classic French yeast bread that's rich and golden with butter and eggs, boasting a paper-thin crust that's delicately tender.


Direct from France, our pastry chefs are skilled and passionate about the finest details and unique creations. Our pastries are made fresh everyday from the finest, authentic ingredients to ensure the best tasting experience ever. From our popular chocolate creme filled eclairs to the delicately sweet pear tarts or baba rum cakes, we are so excited to share our pastry traditions. Come in everyday and experience something new and tasty.


Enjoy memorable flavors with our unique savory menu items. From freshly made quiches to mouth watering paninis and irresistible tartines (open faced sandwiches), Pandor prides itself on always being consistent, fresh, and bursting with flavor. Come in and enjoy our special savory items and enjoy your favorite or try all of them with each visit. You might not want to share after taking the first bite...

Cookies & Goodies

Of course, our famous Belgium chocolate infused cookies, and assorted cookies are amazing as well. Soft and lightly crusted cookies add just the right balance to your afternoon snack craving. We never skimp on using the right ingredients for our cookies. After all, freshly baked cookies is one of life's pleasures.

Artisanal Coffee

Lastly but not the least, is our artisanal coffee blend. Pandor understands that your coffee has to be done right or else it's just pure madness. Our staff is fully trained on understanding the unique chemistry that is involved in every cup of coffee. Our coffee menu will delight all types of coffee lovers so please don't hesitate to discover our rich blend of coffee beans with your amazing Pandor bread, pastry or savory item.