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Pandor Artisan Bakery & Café

Pandor Artisan Bakery is founded on family history, cherished recipes, and exceptional ingredients. With imports from France including the restaurant's founder and chefs, we are proud to serve guests superb authentic French bread and pastries through our artisanal baking process. We specialize in authentic French artisan bread, beverages, viennoiseries, pastries, tartines, paninis, and salads, using sustainable, local, and seasonal ingredients, complex textures, and global flavors. 

Everything is made fresh daily, in-house, from scratch, by artisans who specialize in their craft with a deep passion for our products while paying homage to our Southern California roots. 

Made Fresh Daily

Every aspect of Pandor is designed to create an experience that is unique, inclusive, and unforgettable. Explore our menu and fall in love just like we did when we founded it. 

Come in and grab some pastries & coffee if you're on the go or join us for a full brunch special with our delicious mimosas and eggs benedict with family and friends. Maybe you want to take an afternoon break and cool off with a scoop of our delicious gelato or maybe you want to share a late-night panini or sandwich with a friend. Come in, lounge around, get inspired by the music, the food, and the people. We're here for you.

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